Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  • Please be ready and checked in backstage 3 routines before your performance.
  • All participants are asked to keep out of the wings during performances (unless part of aperformance onstage at that time.)
  • Any signs/issues of poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. We will deal directly with studio directors on these matters.
  • Welcome packages will be available at the merchandise desk for all teachers/ directors upon arrival to the competition.
  • To ensure the safety of the dancers, absolutely NO videography or photography will be permitted in the theatre for any reason. All the performances will be videotaped and photographed by professionals and available for purchase at each event.
  • A $25.00 charge will apply to all dance routines danced out of order on day of event. We will always do our BEST to allow time between routines to allow for any quick changes.
  • No food or drink allowed in the backstage area (water permitted).
  • All entry fees must be paid in full by Jan 15th of the competing year.
  • A non-refundable deposit (cheque or money order) must be sent in the amount of $500 to secure a position in the competition.
  • Studio Registration deadline is on December 31st of the current year.
  • Simply the Best! retains the right to increase or decrease or cancel days of the competition due a the number of entries.
  • All adjudicators’ decisions are final.
  • A draft of the schedule will be sent out to studios prior to the competition date. We ensure a 3 routine minimum between dances with dancers returning to the stage for their next performance. A request may be made for changes within 48hrs of the schedule being sent out.
  • Simply the Best! is a family friendly event; therefore, we reserve the right to disqualify a competitor based on inappropriate behavior.
  • Explicit language, costumes or gestures will not be allowed. Adjudicators have the final decision on what is considered unacceptable.
  • Production routine may not compete in the finals.
  • If any soloist wishes to compete a solo in the same dance form, the dancer must compete one of the solo’s (of their choice) in one age division higher.
  • At times, the competition may run ahead of schedule. Please be ready to dance one (1) hour prior to allotted performance time.
  • There is a 10 routine minimum for studio entries to be eligible for the finals.
  • Simply the Best! is not responsible for clean up of props etc. onstage. It is the responsibility of the studio to leave the stage the way they found it.
  • Simply the Best! is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Simply the Best! is not responsible for personal injury.
  • Notice must be given to Simply the Best! by Jan 15th of the competing year regarding any large props that will accompany a routine onstage.

Levels of Dance

Novice: Any dancer in their first year of competitive dance. To be considered a novice group 75% of the dancers must be in their first year of competitive dance. To be a novice soloist you must not have competed in previous years in a group, duet/trio or a solo. All dancers in a duet/trio must be in their novice year. Maximum age of a novice competitor is 13 yrs.

Pre-Competitive: Any dancer who rehearses less than 5 hours total per week in the studio. This includes training at any other studios or gyms.

Competitive: Any dancer who rehearses 6 or more hours per week in the studio.

Student Choreography: SBDC encourages students to choreograph their own piece. A student may only enter 1 entry per competition. The routine will be performed in their regular category with a chance to win the overall Student Choreography Award. (with a minimum of 5 student choreographed pieces entered in the entire competition) The student must be under the age of 18yrs and not receive any financial compensation for any of their work done outside of dance competitions. Please make note of student choreographed routines on your registration form.

Pro-Am: Any routine containing 1 or more professional dancer/teacher. Pro- Am routines are not eligible for finals.

Adult: Any dancer over the age of 19yrs. Or the average age of group is older than 19yrs.

Age Divisions

  • All ages are based on DOB by January 1st of the competing year. Please have all students birth certificates at each competition in case SBDC requires proof of DOB.
  • Each category will be split according to age:
    • Mini (4 & Under)
    • Mini (5 – 6)
    • Junior (7 – 8)
    • Junior (9 – 10)
    • Intermediate (11 – 12)
    • Intermediate (13 – 14)
    • Senior (15 – 16)
    • Senior (17 – 18)
    • Adult (19 & Over)
  • To determine the average age of a group, add the total sum of all ages and divide by the number of dancers in that particular routine. Please drop the decimal point
  • Production routines will have no age division. Therefore, all productions compete against each other.

Dance Forms

Jazz: A performance combining high energy movement and choreographed jazz technique including turns, kicks, leaps, isolations and precise arm and leg placement. A jazz routine may have 1 acrobatic element.

Lyrical: A performance combining jazz and classical ballet techniques. Combining these two dance forms, dancers tell a story connecting with lyrics in the song. Lyrical dance shows emotion, expression and musicality through movement. No acrobatic elements will be accepted.

Hip Hop: A performance using hip hop music combined with street dance styles. This urban movement mostly consists of isolations, flexibility, popping, locking, breaking and krumping.

Acrobatics: A performance consisting of strength, balance and flexibility. Aerials, handsprings, walkovers, handstands and tumbling passes are combined with elements of dance. Routines must contain at least 50% dance.

Musical Theatre: A performance using songs from musicals or movies. Characters and story lines are emphasized through lip-syncing. All words must be lip-sync’d. Minimal dance is required. However, at least one choreographed dance section must be presented in each routine.

Tap: A performance consisting of sounds and rhythms created wearing tap shoes. Tap technique is very precise. Tap sounds may not be pre-recorded in the music selection.

Ballet: A performance using classical ballet movements and technique to be performed precisely. Much emphasis is placed on clean lines, balance, strength and proper placement.

Pointe: A performance requiring classical ballet techniques to be performed precisely en pointe.

Contemporary/Modern: A performance combining classical ballet, jazz and modern dance. Strong legwork, floor work and improvisation skills are required. Fall and recovery alongside changes in rhythm and direction are also found in contemporary modern dance and technique.

Demi-Pointe: A performance using technical terms and movement to be performed precisely on demi-pointe (the balls of your feet) in demi-pointe shoes.

Character Ballet: A performance using classical ballet technique and movement precisely while developing and telling a story onstage through a character.

Song and Dance: A performance that combines dance with live vocals. It must be equal parts song and dance. No vocals are to be heard on the track. Microphones (if used) are the responsibility of the studio, not of Simply the Best! Notes must be made upon registration if a microphone will be used or not in performance. Simply the Best! will not be held responsible for any poor sounding quality during a routine caused by a faulty microphone.

Production: A performance that may combine any dance form along with musical theatre/song and dance and must tell a story or theme. These routines are not eligible for overalls.

Open: A performance combining many different forms of dance in one routine. No more than 5 acrobatic tricks permitted.

Improv: A performance using improvisational skills danced to a song given by Simply the Best! moments before entering the stage. Any form of dance can be used. Dancers must wear black basic dance attire (not eligible for overall awards).

Adult: A category for any dancer over the age of 21 who wishes to perform for judges’ remarks and a placement in a category (not eligible for overall awards).

  • Solo: 1 dancer
  • Duet/Trio: 2 or 3 dancers
  • Small Group: 4-9 dancers
  • Large Group: 10-15 dancers
  • Line: 16 or more dancers
  • Extended Line: 16 or more dancers (with and extended time limit)
  • Production: 10 or more dancers


  • Studios using our online registration will be charged a $500.00 deposit. This will be deducted from your total entry fees.
  • Studios NOT USING our online registration must mail in a $500.00 cheque for deposit. This will be deducted from your total entry fees.
  • Entry fees must be paid in full by January 15th of the competing year.
  • Entry fees can be paid by either cheque or money order to:
    Simply The Best! Dance Competition
    90 Ontario St – Unit 505
    Toronto ON
    M5A 3V6
  • Please note that any returned or NSF cheque will be charged a $25.00 administration fee.

Time Limit Maximum

  • Solo/Duets and Trios: 2 minutes 45 seconds
  • Groups: 3 minutes
  • Lines: 3 minutes 30 seconds
  • Extended Lines: 5 minutes
  • Productions: 15 minutes (including set up and tear down)


  • Simply The Best! Dance Competition is proud to offer you a new innovative solution to send us your music! Studio owners and teachers will be able to upload their music in minutes rather than burning hundreds of discs. Not only is this more efficient, but it prevents your music from skipping, stopping, or freezing during your dancers performance.¬†We STRONGLY encourage you take advantage of this new feature.


  • On January 1st, 2015, all registered studios will receive a link to their studio email address with instructions on how to upload your music.
  • CD’s must be given backstage at least 30 mins prior to the routine.
  • All edits to music must be complete. It is not the responsibility of SBDC to cut or edit any music at the time of competing routine.
  • It is your responsibility to always have a back up copy of music in case of any unexpected circumstances.