How To Calm Performance Nerves.

IMG_0806Obviously there is no better feeling than finally getting all the way to performance day – whether a recital, one day event, or an intense competition – but sometimes our nerves can really get the better of us. Here are some ways that can help you keep your cool and keep you dancing Simply Your Best!

Take a minute to breathe deeply.
By taking some space and getting some air to take big, long, slow breaths, you will automatically feel more relaxed and focused on your routine rather than your anxiety. Try inhaling for four and exhaling for four – by giving your mind the simple task of counting, it will help to distract your mind too.

Reflect on how hard you’ve worked.
As dancers, we never do something half-way. We are all-out, guts-out, heart-out people, and that translates to everything we do. Take a minute to remember how many rehearsals you’ve been to, how much time you’ve put in, how many times you’ve done your routine – tell yourself, even out loud if it helps, that you are prepared, and that you’re going to do great.

Tell a friend.
Sometimes just letting someone you trust know that you’re a little nervous can be the best thing, and you know what, they are probably feeling a little nervous too! Just remember to not talk to each other about all the things that could go wrong (they probably won’t!), talk to each other about how much fun you’re going to have on stage.

Listen to fun music.
Turn on a silly song that makes you laugh, or a song with a great beat, powerful chorus or just a song that makes you smile. It’ll distract you from over-thinking your routine, which would cause more anxiety!

Keep perspective.
Every single time we dance – in our kitchen, in our bedroom, in class, on stage – our bodies and minds learn something new about dance. Each competition is going to improve our skill and confidence. Right before you get on stage, acknowledge that your hair and makeup are done, your costume is on, your teachers and loved ones are so excited to see you perform, you’re ready, you’ve got this, and for the next three minutes, all you can do is give Simply The Best! performance you have in you, and that is always enough.

[Picture by Robin Cimitruk].